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NetVizor is system and representative observing programming that undetectably screens your whole system from one focal area! Track workstations and clients that may utilize different PC’s on your system. Send NetVizor from one area and record everything representatives do, including screen captures, keystrokes composed, program and web utilization, messages and talks, document/archive use, and substantially more. Produce nitty gritty action reports in seconds, see your whole system progressively, and get moment conduct cautions when undesirable exercises happen.

Consolidating ongoing remote observation with finish PC action checking, conduct separating, cautioning, revealing, and security inspecting, NetVizor is the most complete system checking and organization arrangement accessible anyplace!

NetVizor has an unmatched action recording highlight set that undetectably records everything representatives and clients do on your system. Keystrokes, talks and messages, site and online hunt action, program utilization, document use, transfers and downloads, mouse clicks, programming establishments, and web movement speak to only a modest bunch of NetVizor’s action recording abilities. Visual confirmation of all system conduct is recorded by NetVizor’s worked in screen catching and playback.

NetVizor offers constant observing capacities that enable you to not just record everything that is occurring on your system, however to likewise observe what is going on as it happens. The constant system diagram gives you a chance to see each work area on your system with a solitary snap and remote work area controls enable you to take control of your PCs easily.

NetVizor oversees and controls your system PCs from a focal area on your system. The greater part of NetVizor’s action logs and constant observing abilities can be gotten to and overseen from a brought together control point. Customer establishments and expulsions can be taken care of remotely to abstain from going by each system PC one-by-one.

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