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TCS is a superior, to a great degree adaptable framework for observing patterns in time-arrangement information. TCS was explicitly created to help Remote Controls administrators and supervisors to picture and comprehend the condition of their plants, however it can be utilized for each other sort of movement where there are time-arrangement information to show and to file as the money related investigation.

TCS has two segments, an authority and a grapher. The gatherer keeps running at configurable time interim, and stores information into a datastructure. Afterward, when you need to keep an eye on the information you have gathered, you can utilize a the designs interface to see diagrams of the information.

Besides with the spreading of checking frameworks, as SCADA frameworks, regularly the need raise to control information originating from numerous obtaining frameworks and retained on various information constructs, once in a while living in light of various machines in at least one systems. The program TCS was created to demonstrate the patterns of these information utilizing a solitary program.

The information can be outside information, gathered from at least one procurement frameworks of a net and additionally interior execution information of servers. For the most part the program can deal with each sort of qualities, put away and occasionally refreshed, in a Data Base which can be achieved shape the PC where the program runs, by means of SQL inquiries through the lucky drivers (ODBC or potentially BDE) .

It can be helpful to take after the patterns of information mostly finished a drawn out stretch of time and to store vital information for progressive audit. It can be helpful likewise to take after the applicable parameters of a server to control and streamline the exhibitions in crest exercises periods, as can be a supported cautions period in a supervision framework. The information can be shown, put away, printed and sent out either in graphical shape either in numerical frame. The program incorporates spreadsheet capacities.

It permits to envision, in one single page or in various pages, diverse patterns illustrations. Each realistic can show a greatest of 6 bends. The most extreme number of focuses information the program can oversee is 10,000. The patterns can be envisioned on hourly, day by day, week after week, month to month and yearly premise. The designs show the focuses esteems, as they are originating from the field for the hourly patterns, while alternate illustrations report, on choice, the number-crunching normal or the weighted normal (hourly normal for day by day and week by week patterns and day by day normal for month to month and yearly patterns). The weighted normal depends on the time interim between an update and the following .

The information can be just imagined or likewise retained in a verifiable chronicle.

It is conceivable to arrange the framework such that if a parameter is in alert express (the state is obtained from the information base, together with the point esteem), the designs containing it will be pictured naturally, for the situation it were not as of now showed. The information are suitable additionally in spreadsheet frame, for possible estimations.

The information procurement is taken by methods for SQL inquiries, from at least one information bases. It is conceivable to design just to 10 distinct questions, each with one related clock which permits to set freely the procurement time for the repeating cross examination. As option or also the information can be gained through an information document.

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